Day 9: Be Still Monday

Why are the things that sometimes help you to be still also the ones that can cause you to physically be still? I am still today. I am really still because it seems my feet are having trouble picking up running today. I love to run and enjoy it so much. I am also in the middle of marathon training and need to be ready before March 3rd. I was anxious to get running this morning and felt I was making process, but found the running department is closed for the day. My feet are aching and my hips are a little sore.

Running is one of those sorts of things that can cause my mind to be still in an odd sort of way. It gives me time to break away from the dailies and helps me sort all of my thoughts. It helps me to stay focused and be a better mommy, and wife. And helps me to be still and be in the moment when I return. Today though, instead of stilling my mind, running has stilled my body.

Monday seems to be a little more overwhelming without a quick run. With all of the recent reports from my hometown friends of tornado and storm damage, it appears there is a lot of stillness today. Maybe through loss of a loved one, job loss, or someone has lost their home. The one thing I have recently discovered is that if there is nothing I can do, I don’t have to do anything. I am able to “be still and know that He is God” (Psalm 46:10).

The Psalms reads: “Be still, and know I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

This stillness, both physical and spiritual, results in worship because our focus is on God instead of the problems that hinder us. In fact, silence and rest is for the purpose of focusing on God.

Dear Lord, I pray for all of those who have experienced loss today. I pray that those who are hurting and suffering will find stillness in You.

Lord, listening is sometimes hard for me. I do not exactly mean hard, for I understand that this is a matter of receiving rather than trying. What I mean is that I am so action oriented, so product driven, that doing is easier for me than being. I need your help if I am to be still and listen. I would like to try. I would like to learn to sink down into the light of Your presence until I can become comfortable in that posture. Please help me try now —Amen.

Day 6: Are You Hydrated?

During a morning run in downtown Santa Rosa de Copan, seeing the surrounding majestic mountains and lush vegetation made my appreciation for God’s handy work intensify. The altitude in this part of Honduras reaches over 3700 feet above sea level. The more hills we climbed in our run, the more parched I became. Little did I know that higher altitudes mean low air pressure and low humidity. The combination of the two means that the higher you are, the more water you need to keep your body functioning. I needed water!

We have all heard that when you are training for a race, it is important to hydrate the day before because it will sustain you through the race. As Christians, we need to also be spiritually hydrated with the Word of God to prepare for the race of life. So, when we are running through the mountains and the valleys, we will have what we need in order to stay in the race; just like a runner needs the fluids to make it to the finish line.

John 7:38 says (NIV), “Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”

It is important that we never think we don’t need to journey into the Word or pray daily. When we meet challenges and obstacles, we will be able to pull from the strength our training has provided. If we slack in our training, it will be evident in the way we deal with difficult circumstances, respond to our family, and friends. We cannot hide how little we’ve trained because our lives will speak the truth.

So are we running strong or are we a little weary? Next time when you feel dry and thirsty, look to the bible. It has a refreshment and quenching effect to the things that dry out your spiritual walk. Your Faithful Trainer has set out the living water to keep you hydrated, but you have to choose to drink it.