Running Tracks: “Revelation” by Third Day

This is a great song to listen to as you beat the pavement. It talks about how God can guide you through times of uncertainty. Mac Powell, lead singer for Third Day recently explained the song in an interview with Kevin Davis, Behind the Song. “‘Revelation’ is evidence that we didn’t want to settle with this record. When we recorded the album, we had plenty of songs to make the album, but we knew that we still wanted a couple more ideas. ‘Revelation’ was one of those prayer songs that I had written. A lot of people see the title of it and assume they know what it’s about, but it’s not really having to do with finding a revelation as with needing one. I’m really praying ‘God, I’m at this crossroad in my life and I genuinely don’t know what to do.’ It’s asking God to give guidance in that time of question.”