Day 97: Heart of a Competitor

From left to right: David Grundy
Alex deAlmada, Camden Omdahl, Pacen Bellingrath, Joe Porter, Jacob Peck



“The godly walk with integrity; blessed are their children who follow them.”-Proverbs 20:7

Ready. . .Set. . .Go! They were off. Twenty-eight runners headed out for the 3000 meter race at the 4th Annual Amelia Island Pirate Invitational.


Middle school cross country is an adventure. In this particular race, the 1.86-mile course ran through woods and small hills around a beautiful golf course in Fernindina Beach. Camden, an eight-grade boy, was leading the field about halfway through the race. Once they met a cross road, Camden and two runners in front of him approached a turn. The officiate lead them accidentially off course causing him to be separated from his team. The race continued and Camden continued to fall behind.

Many people use the word integrity, but few truly understand it. The word itself is defined as “moral character, honesty and being sound throughout.” In his Psalms, David talks much about integrity and relates it to the heart. He communicates that integrity is a heart issue and that it affects everything we do. It involves doing the right thing when no one is looking. That is a big challenge for all of us to follow.

Camden kept running the long course (part of 5k course mind you) because he believed he was doing the right thing even if he knew he was still off course. Camden could have argued, been disrespectful or stopped, but he had known to do the right thing even if it cost him. He was raised by godly parents to understand that no matter what the cost, you should always do the right thing.

Camden used tremendous energy to get back up to third place after many runners had passed him on his detour. He battled until the final turn and finally raced for the finish line. After the race, Camden said, “I wanted to stop and cry because I knew I had made a wrong turn, but I dgive up.” His effort may not have won him the race, but his character and integrity showed many people the true heart of a competitor for Christ.

Camden made the right choice at the right time in the right place. Can you say the same? Coach isn’t watching, but are you going hard? Opportunities to sin happen daily, but we must remember that there is always someone watching and waiting for you to make the right choice at the right time in the right place.


Did you ever have to make a decision like Camden had to make?

2. How would someone say your integrity measures up?

3. Today, are you living for God in what you do, say and think?

Work Out

Deuteronomy 8:2, Psalm 25:21, Romans 5:4

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