Day 93: Shake It Off

8998_10152788578994398_916349834096263809_nYesterday morning was a proud moment for this mommy as I watched my youngest son run his first 5k while persevere to the end. Zach, who is 6 years old, ran the Hot Chocolate 5k yesterday along with his brother, Tyler, and friends, Ethan and Ryan.

The start was nice and slow and as they reached the first mile they celebrated with a handful of chocolate morsels. As I watched his big chocolate smile, I knew he was having fun. Pretty soon it would all change. Like with any large race, the course can be pretty congested. We made our way hand in hand, weaving through runners and running on the right side of the road. We were just a mile away from the finish line. Everything was going well when suddenly Z tripped on a reflector and fell on his knee. Not seeing his face, I knew by the sounds of gasps that there were going to be some tears. He looked up at me with those crocodile tears and started crying. I looked into those teared filled eyes and said, “It’s okay sweetie. I know that it stings, but just shake it off. We are almost there.” He shook his head in agreement, shook it off and took a step forward. Pretty soon he stopped crying, shook off the last sting, took more steps forward, and started running faster toward the finish line. What a brave little Z!! We can learn so much from this story. When trouble comes, if we will get still and listen, God will tell us what to do. 

By the grace and mercy of God, I have been able to shake off a lot of things in my life, a lot of hurt feelings, a lot of mistreatment, a lot of abuse, a lot of unfair, unjust, unkind things. Just like little Z this morning, in order to keep pressing on and have victory in our lives, we are going to have to learn to shake off the troubles that come our way.

Don’t worry, Z had a little boo boo, which got a bandage at the end. He also got a great chocolate treat at the end and he’s very happy!

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