Day 91: My Prayer for 2015, “Lord, Keep Making Me”

There were many times this year I found myself fighting God’s direction of where He was leading me in this journey. Not understanding where He was taking me when the whole time He was trying to make me into who He wanted me to be. Well…it seems fitting that on the last day of the year He would bless me with me a revelation and I praise Him for it. I find it fitting to share it with you just in case someone else shared the same struggle. God bless.

During times of loneliness, God wants us to want Him more. During times of emptiness, He wants to be the One that fills us with what He needs of us; and during the times when we feel lost, instead of holding on to our will -turn to Him, keep our eyes on Him, trust Him and He will take care of the rest. My prayer this year is “Lord, please keep making me!” (Ephesians 2:10)

Sidewalk Prophets – Keep Making Me

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