Day 87: Our Junk, another Man’s Treasure

But if we are afflicted, it is for your comfort and salvation. 2 CORINTHIANS 1:6

What do you have that could be of benefit to others?

That’s the question you may ask yourself while exploring your attic or garage. I know after many moves, I still can’t seem to let go of some junk that is stored tightly in corners in just about every storage area around the house. After each move, you begin to realize how much you tend to keep and accumulate even when you don’t seem to need those items any longer. It is just junk and much better thrown out with the trash.

Have you noticed that when it comes to the junk in your own personal life, like the mistakes you’ve made, the poor judgments you’ve chosen, and the hurt you have caused someone, that it may have been in God’s plan all along.

Over the past couple of years, I have challenged myself and many of my Run for God students to step forward and share their story and testimony and become mentors through this ministry, but they have their own reservations and excuses. Either they don’t feel like their story is important or worthy of sharing or they feel they aren’t qualified. Some have felt that they didn’t know the Bible well enough to disciple others.

In reality, many of us are simply haunted by our own mistakes, our own junk. I don’t think we realize that those mistakes may be among the most valuable tools we possess in teaching others about encouragement, endurance, faith and how to grow mentally, physically and spiritually.

You see, we all struggle with discipline, endurance, faith and letting go of junk. Everyone. That’s why the core curriculum for Run for God is learning how to be better witnesses for Christ mentally, physically, and spiritually. Weakness and disappointment provide some of our best resources for sharing life messages with others. They provide both content and context to our instruction.

You see, it’s not junk if somebody else can use it. The only way it becomes a waste is if we’re afraid to admit we’ve still got it, if we’re unwilling to let God use our garbage for His glory.


Talk honestly about some of the mistakes you’ve made. Have you seen any good come from them?


Pray that God would open your heart of compassion so wide in this next Run for God class that you wouldn’t let anything hinder you from helping and encouraging others.

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