Runner Tip #1


Don’t go for a run the evening before or early morning of trash day-every breath counts!

The summer heat can be brutal on a runner. Trying to find a good time to go for a run can be tricky, especially in the south where heat and humidity come into play. Since I missed out on the early morning, I decided to wait for later in the evening.

It was eight-thirty in the evening when I set the timer for dinner and slipped out the door for a quick three-mile run. The weather was perfect after a day of scorching temperatures. The wind was in my favor, blowing against me giving off a nice cool breeze. The only thing that wasn’t in my favor was the smell of garbage in the air. Lucky for me, I only had a short distance to run. I found myself trying to time my breathing as I passed by each can. Okay, that didn’t last long. Lesson learned? Run the morning before instead. The fresh air is a lot more enjoyable.