Day 53: Let the Son Shine In

Spring is in the air and now back in my step. Eight days after my marathon, and I am back! It is so great to be running on the familiar paths of my neighborhood again. I’m entering into a new season and adventure.

As I ran through the usual trails, I found myself surrounded with signs of spring. The grass turning greener, trees budding, and the earth is coming alive with God’s beauty again. The daffodils, flowers and young plants are now all stretching towards the sun for warmth and light seeking strength until their tender life becomes strong enough to withstand the storms. After witnessing this beauty and frailty of spring, I smiled, and let the Son shine in!

Spring, a season of sunshine, new beginnings, and second chances. Spring is also a time of spiritual awakening. A spiritual renewal to prove God’s love and mercy. Like nature, we can look to the Son for strength and support to help us get through the hard times. He can liberate us from the enslaving winter and launch us into an invigorating spring. This type of help is found in Psalm 28:7, “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped.”

After experiencing a hard winter season of physical and spiritual training, I look forward to a season of new beginnings and second chances. I thank God for that! So, this spring, let’s open our lives, let the light of God’s presence shine into every part, and experience daily awakening.

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