Day 27: When the Road Gets Rough

How is it that a simple act of putting one foot in front of the other so rewarding? My thought is the simplicity of running. I love the feeling of “me time” and hearing the shuffling of my feet and my ipod while in touch with the ground. It’s my time alone to sing, to babble, to pray and to praise. My feet and mind are free to wander for hours.

In the last four months, I have logged hundreds of  miles in my neighborhood. There have been days when I became bored with my usual route that I detoured off a beaten path. What appeared to be an inviting lush pathway was full of hidden grassy holes and rocky terrain. I found my self out of sorts and longing to be back again onto the smooth, open road. If I only had a warning sign for my misguided path.

Even though running can be uplifting to our spirits, sometimes the road gets rough. Sometimes we have a hard way to go. Don’t be discouraged when you come to a pothole, a detour, a stretch of rough and rocky road and there is no getting around it. It is in those times of life, when the way is not easy, the path is uncertain, the road is rough, that we can begin to think, Lord, how am I going to make it through? Slow down a little.

After slowing down, seek the purpose of the rough road experience. The road was made rough so that it could be improved. God is a sovereign God. We do not stumble onto rough roads, we are directed to them. Ask God what He wants to do in your heart while traveling the rough road. Grumbling and complaining does not make the ride any smoother. (I can testify to this point.) God can provide instruction, correction and direction while you travel this road.

Finally, keep the end result in mind. I will now remember to stay in my neighborhood. The “Rough Road Ahead” sign has been removed. Perhaps God  has needed to do some roadwork in your life. He certainly has resurfaced much of my heart and it is now more aligned to His will than mine. Although I am traveling on smooth surfaces right now, I know that flashing sign will show up again in my life. The Bible tells us to expect trouble. How we respond to that trouble is critical to the end result.

Psalm 27:14 says, “Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart; wait, I say on the Lord.” Psalm 40:1 continues with “I waited patiently for the Lord and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.”

Sometimes the path is hard, but the presence of the Living God turns the path into a journey of growth and we rejoice in His hand in our lives.

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