Day 2: Are You Ready for the Challenge?

Day 2: Are You Ready for the Challenge?Honduras is located in the middle of Central America, bordering with Guatemala to the West, El Salvador to the South, and Nicaragua to the South-East. The natural landscape in Honduras is very diverse, from beaches to mountains, waterfalls, rain forest, rivers, national parks, but most of the territory is mountainous.

Last year, I had the unique opportunity to visit the western and central regions of Honduras for a medical mission trip. Our hotel was based in the city of Santa Rosa de Copan, which is over 300 years old and is the most important and largest city in the western region of Honduras. It is positioned in a very beautiful spot into the mountains, and most of the streets in the downtown area are cobblestone streets, with uphill and downhills. The unstable streets, plus the wet season from June to December, make any type of traveling difficult.

When I decided to go on this trip, I didn’t know what God had envisioned for me. Being a beloved adventurer, I envisioned backpacking through the Honduran mountains and even taking brisk morning runs through the towns before our clinics with the mountains standing majestically in the distance.

In October, the wet season is at its height, which affects the terrain leaving huge potholes and loose cobblestones in the streets and can be very unstable for a runner. One morning, I agreed to join a group of my team members for a morning run before heading to our next clinic. I didn’t bring my favorite running shoes, nor my running gear for cultural reasons. In fact, my GPS wouldn’t even work to help assist us through the unfamiliar streets of Santa Rosa. I found myself completely out of my comfort zone and unprepared for this run ahead, but agreed to continue.

Once we stepped onto the cobblestone streets, I noticed that my running gear wasn’t the only thing that I needed to worry about. Even though the crisp, damp air awoke my senses, I knew running on the unstable ground and mountainous terrain was going to be a huge challenge, but I still was determined and ready for the adventure.

This is the same type of approach God asked in the Great Commission. Who is ready for the challenge? To share the good news of Christ? “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Who shall I send? Who will go for us?” And I said, “Here I am. Send me.” Isaiah 6:8.”

Isaiah was up for the challenge and said, “Send Me!” It was the excitement of sharing what God had done for him that made him respond to God’s call – the honor to share the wonderful news of Jesus proclaiming peace and His salvation.

Even when you are called to serve in a place that is unfamiliar or out of your comfort zone, that is when God gives you the Holy Spirit to help you through it – and God will do the rest. God is still looking for people who are willing to share His message. All you have to do is accept the challenge.

In the end, the run was hard, but refreshing. I am glad that I had the opportunity to embark on this journey through the streets of Santa Rosa before our clinic. I was able to draw from God’s strength and have time with Him before heading with the rest of the team to our next clinic. By the time we reached the clinic, I was energized and ready to serve, but most of all – ready for the challenge that God had prepared for me that day.

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